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Table 1 Previous case reports of post-SMILE infectious keratitis

From: Fungal keratitis after small incision lenticule extraction (SMILE): a case report and review of the literature

Author Age/Sex Onset Pathogen Characteristic of infiltrates Management Outcome (BCVA)
Chehaibou 20164 39/M Day 2 S. pneumoniae OU: multiple white, at the cap • Interface wash: povidone-iodine, vancomycin
• Fortified antibiotics drops: ticarcillin, gentamicin, and vancomycin
At 3-month
OD: CF 50 cm → 20/32
OS: HM → 20/25
Chan 20173 18/F Day 5 S. haemolyticus and warneri OD: paracentral, anterior cap • PACK-CXL
• Fortified antibiotics drops: vancomycin, gentamicin
At 2-week
OD: 20/50 → 20/20
Liu 20187 21/F Day 8 M. abscessus OD: multiple, paracentral, within the cap
OS: temporal interface
• Interface wash: moxifloxacin
• Fortified antibiotics drops: imipenem, amikacin, moxifloxacin, clarithromycin
• Oral clarithromycin
At 4-month
OD: 20/32 → 20/32
OS: 20/132 → 20/50
Sachdev 20198 20/F Day 1 Aspergillus species OD: focal, paracentral, involving the interface • Interface wash: voriconazole
• Fortified antifungals drops: voriconazole and natamycin
At 3-month
OD: 20/45
Ganesh 20205 42/F Day 2 Staphylococcus
OS: superficial, mid-periphery • PACK-CXL
• Interface wash: vancomycin, moxifloxacin
• Fortified antibiotics drops: vancomycin, cefotaxime
At 3-month
OS: 20/20
  1. SMILE: small incision lenticule extraction; M: male; F: female; OU: both eyes; OD: right eye; OS: left eye; BCVA: best-corrected visual acuity; CF: counting fingers; HM: hand motion; PACK-CXL: collagen cross-linking with photoactivated riboflavin