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Fig. 5

From: Blue light versus green light fundus autofluorescence in normal subjects and in patients with retinochoroidopathy secondary to retinal and uveitic diseases

Fig. 5

A case outlining discrepancy in blue and green light autofluorescence signals of similar hypoautofluorescent lesions in posterior uveitis. Blue light autofluorescence (BAF) (a) and green light autofluorescence (GAF) (b) images of an 83-year-old Caucasian woman with posterior uveitis secondary to sarcoidosis (retinochoroiditis), showing hypoautofluorescent lesions (yellow arrows) spread throughout the posterior pole. The fundus autofluorescence images show noticeable discrepancies in the autofluorescence AF signals of the hypofluorescent lesions captured by the BAF (a) and GAF (b). Additionally, in the lesion inferior to the optic nerve (yellow circle, red arrow), there is a small area of deep loss of AF signal within the hypoautofluorescent lesion as shown by the GAF (b). The detail is not revealed by the BAF image

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