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Table 2 Incidence of EE and KPEE among cases of systemic infection

From: The emergence of Klebsiella pneumoniae endogenous endophthalmitis in the USA: basic and clinical advances

Study Date and location Cases of systemic K. pneumoniae infection Incidence of KPEE among K. pneumoniae systemic disease Study Date and location Cases of systemic all-cause bacteremia Incidence of EE
Asian studies Sheu et al. [11] 1991 to 2009; Taiwan 602 7% Non-Asian studies Jackson et al. [1] 1984 to 2001; England 5,859 < 0.01%a
Sng et al. [4] 2004 to 2005; Singapore 133 3.8%      
Yang et al. [12] 1994 to 2001; Taiwan 200 11%      
  Average incidence of KPEE in Asian countries 7.3%      
  1. aThis is the only study available that reports on the prevalence of EE among a cohort of patients with systemic bacteremia.