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Table 2 Outcome of intravitreal Ozurdex implant in post-lensectomy–vitrectomy aphakic eyes

From: Wandering Ozurdex® implant

Adverse effects of migrated implant Surgical removal of Ozurdex implant Final outcome Post-implant BCVA Post-implant IOP (mmHg) Follow-up after implant migration, months Final location of the implant
Corneal edema No Resolution of cystoid macular edema; resolution of corneal edema 6/18 12 4 Vitreous cavity
Corneal edema, elevation of IOP Yes, 40 days after implantation Regression of inflammation, control of IOP, corneal edema persisted 6/18 33 4 Removed from the eye
None No Improvement of hypotony 6/6 12 3 Vitreous cavity