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Table 5 European based simplified diagnostic criteria for BRC*

From: Clinicopathology of non-infectious choroiditis: evolution of its appraisal during the last 2–3 decades from “white dot syndromes” to precise classification

1. Presence of vitritis in one or both eyes (required)
2. Presence of retinal vasculitis in one or both eyes (required)
3. Stromal choroiditis, as evidenced by ICGA, in both eyes (required)
4. HLA-A29 antigen positivity (required)
5. Visual field anomalies in one or both eyes (supportive)
6. Absence of extra-ocular inflammatory site (supportive)
7. Presence of rice-shaped depigmented “birdshot lesions” (BRC fundus lesions) (strongly supportive but not required)