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Table 1 Clinical presentations of CMV retinitis in patients of NHL

From: Cytomegalovirus retinitis in patients of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma: clinical presentations and outcomes

  Month and year of presentation AC reaction/ Vitritis Duration of onset of CMV after initial diagnosis of NHL Type of CMV retinitis CD 4 count at presentation (cells/ mm3) Adverse effects of Valganciclovir Time for reactivation after stopping maintenance Phase/ CD4 count at the time of recurrence PCR Total duration of follow up
Case 1 September 2018 AC Cells 1+,Vitritis 1+ 12 months Granular to start and later turned to fulminant 109 Nil First recurrence 16 days
CD4 counts - 130 cells/ mm3
Second Recurrence
32 days
CD4 counts 219 cells/mm3
CMV 22 months
Case 2 October 2019 RE Vitritis 3+ 11 months Granular 278 Nil on maintenance regimen CMV 4 months
Case 3 June 2015 AC cells 2+,Vitiritis 1+ 18 months Granular 180 N/A No recurrence Negative 4 months
Case 4 January 2019 AC Cells 1+, Vitritis 1+ 20 months Mixed 186 Neutropenia First recurrence
35 days
CD4 counts - 370 cells/ mm3
Second Recurrence
42 days after stopping maintenance regimen
CD4 counts: 350 cells/ mm3
Third Recurrence
44 days after stopping maintenance regimen
CD4 counts: 970 cells/ mm3
CMV 15 months