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Table 5 Risk factors associated with JIA-U. areported point estimate, bconfidence intervals not reported, p-value > 0.05, cadjusted for race and gender, dadjusted for race, gender, age, oligo subtype, ANA, RF, psoriasis, ereported as HR, fadjusted for MTX and uveitis risk factors (age of JIA onset, female sex, oligoarticular JIA and ANA positivity), gwhen analysed by patients who were sampled prior to uveitis diagnosis the results were HR 0.95, 95% CI 0.92–1.00. ANA, anti-nuclear antibody; CI, Confidence interval; HR, hazard ratio; MTX, methotrexate; NR, not reported; OR, odds ratio; RF, rheumatoid factor; 25(OH) D, 25-hydroxyvitamin D

From: “Environmental risk factors associated with juvenile idiopathic arthritis associated uveitis: a systematic review of the literature”

Study ID Risk factor Definition Univariate OR (95% CI) Bivariate OR (95% CI) Multivariable OR (95% CI)
Zulian, 2002 [13] Seasonality Autumn 0.85a,b NR NR
   Summer 1.00a,b NR NR
   Winter 1.39a,b NR NR
   Spring 0.96a,b NR NR
Cole, 2013 [14] Allergy “Allergy” in clinical notes NR 2.14 (1.08–4.27)c NR
   “Allergic” in clinical notes NR 2.68 (1.34–5.55)c NR
   Any allergy medication NR 2.92 (1.47–5.91)c 2.54 (1.22–5.4)d
Sengler, 2018 [15] Vitamin D 1 ng/mL increase in 25(OH) D level > 22.1 ng/mL NR NR 0.95 (0.91–0.99)e,f,g