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Table 1 Demographic and clinical features for the HU group

From: Cytokine profiles in the peripheral blood and aqueous humor of patients with herpetic uveitis

Patient Gender Age (years) Clinical features at presentation Sytemic features PCR results
1 F 76 Unilateral anterior uveitis; sectorial iris atrophy; diffuse KPs; elevated IOP None + VZV
2 M 45 Panuveitis- acute retinal necrosis None + VZV
3 F 84 Unilateral queratouveitis; sectorial iris atrophy; diffuse KPs None +VZV
4 M 74 Unilateral anterior uveitis; elevated IOP; cataract; diffuse KPs; diffuse iris atrophy None +VZV
  1. F female, M male, KPs keratic precipitates, IOP intraocular pressure, VZV varicella zoster virus, PCR polymerase chain reaction