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Table 5 Top diseases and bio functions—diseases and disorders

From: Unilateral acute anterior uveitis is associated with ipsilateral changes in the tear fluid proteome that involves the LXR/RXR pathway

Patient 1Patient 2Patient 3Patient 4Patient 5
ProteinP valueProteinP valueProteinP valueProteinP valueProteinP value
Dermatological diseases and conditions1.25E−04 to 3.17E−25Inflammatory response4.02E−03 to 1.91E−10Inflammatory response3.49E−04 to 9.03E−20Metabolic disease2.52E−04 to 1.54E−16Metabolic disease2.69E−03 to 1.27E−14
Organismal injury and abnormalities2.03E−04 to 3.17E−25Organismal injury and abnormalities4.02E−03 to 1.91E−10Organismal injury and abnormalities3.49E−04 to 9.03E−20Connective tissue disorders3.72E−04 to 6.67E−16Inflammatory response2.55E−03 to 2.94E−14
Metabolic disease1.89E−04 to 3.65E−23Hematological disease3.44E−03 to 3.53E−10Metabolic disease3.18E−04 to 7.41E−18Inflammatory disease5.16E−04 to 6.67E−16Hematological disease2.32E−03 to 2.21E−13
Inflammatory response1.87E−04 to 1.24E−21Immunological disease3.44E−03 to 3.53E−10Neurological disease2.91E−04 to 6.16E−15Inflammatory response5.16E−04 to 6.67E−16Immunological disease1.95E−03 to 2.21E−13
Neurological disease2.03E−04 to 1.37E−21Inflammatory disease2.94E−03 to 3.53E−10Psychological disorders2.55E−04 to 6.16E−15Organismal injury and abnormalities5.16E−04 to 6.67E−16Inflammatory disease2.55E−03 to 2.21E−13