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Table 1 Patients with unilateral acute anterior uveitis included in the study

From: Unilateral acute anterior uveitis is associated with ipsilateral changes in the tear fluid proteome that involves the LXR/RXR pathway

 Patient 1Patient 2Patient 3Patient 4Patient 5
Age (years)2857412577
HLA-B27 statusUnknownHLA-B27 negativeHLA-B27 positive and palmoplantar psoriasisUnknownHLA-B27 positive
Previous episodes of AAUNoNoNoYesNo
Duration of symptoms prior to tear fluid sampling (days)110517
AC flare (laser flare photometry)47/43/54129/311/3*
AC flare (Sun criteria)§0/+ 2+ 2/0+ 1/0+ 4/0
AC cells (Sun criteria)§0/+ 1+ 1/0± /0+ 4/0
Corneal precipitates§Non-granularNon-granularNoneNon-granular
AC fibrinNoNoNoNoYes
AC hypopyonNoNoNoNoNo
Posterior synechiaeNoNoNoNoYes
Cells in anterior vitreousNoNoNoNo#
Decimal visual acuity1.0/1.01.0/1.0−−1.2++/1.5−−1.2++/1.2++CF/1.0−−
Intraocular pressure (mmHg)14/1713/710/147/1020/10
Schirmer test type 1 (0–40; mm)40/4033/4017/77/730/10
  1. Bilateral measurements are presented as right eye/left eye
  2. AAU acute anterior uveitis, AC anterior chamber, CF counting fingers
  3. *Measurement not obtained
  4. §The standardization of uveitis nomenclature criteria not reported
  5. # Posterior segment not visible