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Table 2 Cytokines detected in tears of JIA-U and I-CAU in this study and from aqueous humor in previous studies

From: Discovery of tear biomarkers in children with chronic non-infectious anterior uveitis: a pilot study

Authors, year Disease a (n) Samples Cytokines/chemokines Direction Present findings JIA-U vs. I-CAU
Haasnoot, 2016 [9] JIA-U [21]
CAU [15]
IU [28]
Controls [8]
AqH IL-29/ IFN-λ1 Decreased in JIA-U vs CAU, IU and controls Not detected
   LAP Increased in JIA-U vs IU and controls Decreased
   S100A8 Decreased JIA-U vs. IU Increased
   sCD14 Increased JIA-U vs. controls Increased
Walscheid, 2015 [12] JIA-U [17]
IAU [12]
Controls [16]
AqH S100A8 Increased JIA-U and IAU vs. controls Increased
   S100A9 Increased JIA-U and IAU vs. controls Decreased
Ayuso, 2013 [8] JIA-U [14]
CAU [8]
Other Uveitis [30]
Controls [20]
AqH TTR Increased JIA-U and CAU vs. other uveitis and controls Increased
  1. JIA-U JIA-associated uveitis, CAU chronic anterior uveitis, IU idiopathic uveitis which included non-anterior uveitis, IAU idiopathic anterior uveitis, IL-29/IFN-λ1
  2. interleukin-29/interferon-λ1, LAP latency associated peptide, S100 S100 calcium binding protein, sCD14 soluble cluster of differentiation 14, TTR transthyretin
  3. aDisease categories are listed are as they were presented in each study and do not necessarily conform to our disease descriptions