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Table 1 Outcomes of methods used to detect active PIC lesions in the patient’s left eye

From: Adjunctive use of systematic retinal thickness map analysis to monitor disease activity in punctate inner choroidopathy

Symptom episodes Unaided Snellen visual acuity (pinhole vision when tested) Clinically identifiable lesion New changes in FAF New changes in SD-OCT ‘Hot spots’ on thickness map Maximal increase in thickness within a ‘hot spot’ compared to immediate previous visit (μm) Treatment
1 December 2014 6/6 No No Yes Yes 56 IVTA
27 January 2015 6/7.5 Yes No Yes Yes 102 IVTA
13 March 2015 6/9 (6/6) Doubtful FAF unavailable Yes Yes 103 IVTA
12 May 2015 6/6 No No Yes Yes 12 Intravitreal dexamethasone implant
11 August 2015 6/9 No FAF unavailable Yes Yes 21 IVTA
29 September 2015 6/9 No Doubtful Yes Yes 67 Intravitreal dexamethasone implant
  1. FAF fundus autofluorescence, IVTA intravitreal triamcinolone