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Fig. 3

From: Rickettsial retinitis—an Indian perspective

Fig. 3

16/F, fundus at presentation showed disc edema, multifocal retinitis patches along with hemorrhages, and macular edema with early macular fan appearance (a). and at the final follow-up (after 2 months), resolved disc edema, retinitis, hemorrhages, and macular edema with macular star formation (b) after being treated with IVMP followed by oral steroids and oral doxycycline. OCT scan showed inner retinal hyperreflectivity, intraretinal hyperreflective dots, and gross sub-retinal fluid on OCT (c). Note the resolved sub-retinal fluid, resolving inner retinal thickening, condensation of intraretinal exudates, and resolved macular edema (after 2 weeks) (d)

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