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Table 1 Summary of Cases

From: In-bag dislocation of intraocular lens in patients with uveitis: a case series

Case number Eye/age/sex Past medical history Ocular history Uveitis diagnosis Date of cataract surgery Best VA preop Best VA postop Comment of surgery Type of IOL Time to dislocation (months) Date of reported dislocation VA when lens dislocated Management of dislocation Date of IOL removal Best VA post repair Last review Final uveitis status
1 R/81/M Hypertension, osteoarthritis, ischaemic heart disease, dyslipidaemia RE CNV macular scar, bilateral moderate glaucoma, RE PKE/IOL, LE PKE/IOL RE multifocal choroiditis and retinal vasculitis 10 February 2000 VAR 6/24 VAR 6/36 Uncomplicated PCIOL 19.0D SN60WF 165 28 November 2013 VAR perception of light Conservative management   VAR perception of light 09 May 2014 RE multifocal choroiditis and retinal vasculitis
2 R/49/M HIV positive (good CD4 count) Bilateral keratoconus, RE Fuchs’ heterochromic iridocyclitis, pseudophakia, quiescent bilateral multifocal choroiditis quiescent, persistent old right vitritis Bilateral multifocal choroiditis, RE vitritis 06 September 2007 VAR 3/60 VAR 6/12 Dense cortical cataract PCIOL 15.5D SN60WF 75 13 December 2013 VAR 6/36 IOL removed via AC and a corneal section 16 December 2013 VAR 6/7.5 with hard contact lens 24 June 2014 Bilateral multifocal choroiditis, RE vitritis
3 R/64/F Rheumatoid arthritis (1995) RE acute retinal necrosis (2005) Right acute retinal necrosis secondary to herpetic retinitis (2005) 11 June 2009 VAR 6/18 VAR 6/6 Very loose bag PCIOL 17.5D SN60WF 53 28 November 2013 VAR 6/7.5 PCIOL explantation and ACIOL placement 30 January 2014 VAR 6/12 27 April 2014 RE herpetic retinitis
4 R/56/M Hay fever, asthma Bilateral steroid-induced glaucoma, RE Fuchs’ heterochromic iridocyclitis, RE inferiorly dislocated IOL, RE vitrectomy and PKE/IOL 14/11/13 MTA4UO +14 Presumed Fuchs’ heterochromic iridocyclitis secondary to inferiorly dislocated PC IOL RE 1998   VAR 6/6 Intermittent inflammation   48 05 August 2002 VAR 1/60 PCIOL explantation with vitrectomy, ACIOL placement 14 November 2013 VAR 6/6 - 2 15 May 2014 RE Fuchs’ heterochromic iridocyclitis
5 R/45/M Type 2 diabetes (2011) Herpetic keratouvetitis, bilateral retinal necrosis (2006), bilateral relapsing remitting macular oedema, vitritis, multiple IVTA Herpetic keratouvetitis, bilateral retinal necrosis (2006 07 February 2008 VAR counting finger VAR 6/9 Bilateral severe macula oedema, initially treated by orbital floor steroids, failed to respond, later responded well to multiple IVTA (16/05/2008 to 27/06/2008) PCIOL 19.0D SN60WF 64 21 June 2013 VAR: 6/24 - 1 PCIOL explantation with anterior vitrectomy, IVTA and ACIOL placement 28 August 2013 VAR 6/38 22 April 2014 Bilateral retinal necrosis
  1. AC, anterior chamber; ACIOL, anterior chamber intraocular lens; CNV, choroidal neovascularisation; HIV, human immunodeficiency virus; IOL, intraocular lens; IVTA, intravitreal injection of triamcinolone; LE, left eye; PCIOL, posterior chamber intraocular lens; PKE, phacoemulsification; postop, postoperatively; preop, preoperatively; RE, right eye; VA, visual acuity; VAR, visual acuity right eye.