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Figure 1

From: Birdshot chorioretinopathy in a male patient with facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy

Figure 1

Color fundus and autofluorescence. Color fundus wide-field photo of the right eye (a) and left eye (b) showed multiple cream-colored circumscribed lesions with indistinct borders, most notably nasal to disc (arrows). Fundus autofluorescence photo of the right eye (c) and left eye (d) showed RPE atrophy at the posterior pole affecting the macula area that did not correspond to the hypopigmented birdshot lesions. The RPE atrophy as suggested by hypoautofluorescence was noted not only in the areas of hypopigmented lesions but also in the areas where there appeared to be no hypopigmented lesions. The arrows show the borders of the abnormal autofluorescence at the posterior pole.

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