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Figure 2

From: Chikungunya and the eye: a review

Figure 2

Ocular involvements in chikungunya infection. (A) Fundus photograph of the left eye showing confluent area of retinal whitening suggestive of retinitis. Fundus fluorescein angiography reveals (B) early hypofluorescence in the posterior pole and (C) late hyperfluorescence in the posterior pole. (D) Spectral domain optical coherence tomography (SD OCT) revealed increased reflectivity in the nerve fiber layer zone corresponding to the areas of retinitis with after shadowing and fluid-filled spaces in the outer retina with serous retinal detachment. (E) Fundus photograph showing resolving retinitis lesion 2 weeks after initiation of systemic steroid therapy. (F) SD OCT showing decreased area of hyper reflectivity in the inner retina with resolving retinal detachment. (G) Fundus photograph after 4 months, showing complete resolution of retinitis. (H) SD OCT showing resolution of retinitis with thinning of the inner retinal layers nasal to the fovea.

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