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Table 2 Clinical characteristics of eight elderly, immunocompromised, non-HIV-infected patients with cytomegalovirus retinitis

From: Retinal arteriolar occlusions due to cytomegalovirus retinitis in elderly patients without HIV

Case Age/sex/eye Concurrent illnesses/therapy Months from onset to RAO Retinitis extent at RAO zone (clock hours) Diagnostic method Vascular event (vision in affected eye)
8 83/M/OD DM, renal transplant, azathioprine, methylprednisolone, shingles 0 Zone I-III (3) Aqueous PCR+ CMV CRAO (1/200)
9 60M/OD Myasthenia gravis, corticosteroids, cyclophosphamide, DM, CD4 + T lymph 72, peripheral vascular disease NA Zone II-III (3) Aqueous PCR+ CMV None (20/40)
10 60/F/OD DM, pemphigus vulgaris, corticosteroids, IVK NA Zone I-III (6) Aqueous PCR + CMV HRVO 11 months before CMVR (HM)
11 63/F/OU Systemic vasculitis, cyclophosphamide, corticosteroids NA OD Zone I-III (3), OS Zone I (1) PCR + CMV None (OD 20/50, OS 20/20)
12 89/M/OS Hypersensitivity pneumonia, corticosteroids, steroid-induced DM, CAD NA Zone III (4) Aqueous PCR+ CMV Zone I sheathing without occlusion (20/30)
13 70/F/OU CLL, chemotherapy, BMT NA OD Zone II (1), OS Zone I-III (2) Aqueous PCR+ CMV None (OD 20/30, OS CF)
14 87/M/OU Kidney transplant, cyclosporine, prednisone NA OD Zones II-III (1), OS Zone II-III (1) Aqueous PCR+ CMV None (20/40 OU)
15 66/M/OU Lymphoma, chemotherapy NA Zone I-III (OD 6, OS 4) Aqueous PCR+ CMV None (OD 20/20, OS 20/60)
  1. BMT, bone marrow transplant; CAD; coronary artery disease; CF, counting fingers; CLL, chronic lymphocytic leukemia; CMV, cytomegalovirus; DM, diabetes mellitus; F, female; HM, hand motions; IVK, intravitreal triamcinolone acetonide; M, male; NA, not applicable; OD, right eye; OS, left eye; OU both eyes; PCR+, positive result by polymerase chain reaction; RAO, retinal arteriolar occlusion; Zone, anatomic area of retina involved with retinitis; Zone I, arcade to arcade with 1 disc diameter border around optic nerve; Zone II, arcades to equator; Zone III, equator to ora.