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Table 1 Profile of patients labeled to have presumed ocular TB

From: Prevalence of presumed ocular tuberculosis among pulmonary tuberculosis patients in a tertiary hospital in the Philippines

Patient Age (years) Sex Findings VAi VAf ATT response after 4 weeks
1a 66 M OS: non-GAU with posterior synechiae, choroidal tubercle; grade 2 cataract, L-cervical lymphadenopathy 0.1/0.050 0.1/0.1 Partial
2a 68 M OS: GAU, choroidal tubercle, posterior synechiae 0.4/0.025 0.4/0.025 Partial
3 57 F OS: choroidal tubercle 0.67/0.67 0.67/0.67 Partial
4a 36 F OS: non-GAU, posterior synechiae, L-cervical lymphadenopathy 0.67/0.40 0.67/0.50 Partial
5 77 M OS: retinal vasculitis 0.40/0.40 Lost to follow-up
6 70 F OD: non-GAU, posterior synechiae 1/1 1/1 Partial
7 67 M OS: retinal vasculitis 0.40/0.67 Lost to follow-up
  1. Multiple response: Patients 1 and 2 had combined findings in the anterior and posterior segments of the eye; VAi, best-corrected visual acuity (BCVA) prior to ATT; VAf, BCVA after 4 weeks of ATT; GAU, granulomatous anterior uveitis; OS, left eye; OD, right eye; aIOP of involved eye significantly lower (> 5 mmHg difference).