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Table 1 Baseline characteristics and behavior of intravitreal Ozurdex implant in post-lensectomy–vitrectomy aphakic eyes

From: Wandering Ozurdex® implant

Case Age Sex Diagnosis Eye Pre-implant BCVA Pre-implant IOP (mmHg) Indication for Ozurdex implant Treatment Interval between implantation and migration into AC
1 47 M Chronic anterior uveitis Right 6/24 15 Cystoid macular edema Oral CS + azathioprine 1 week
2 13 M Behcets disease Right Counting fingers 14 Persistent intraocular inflammation Oral CS + azathioprine/infliximab/cyclosporine 8 days
3 15 M Chronic anterior uveitis Right 6/36 6 Ocular hypotony Topical anti-inflammatory/cycloplegic therapy 5 weeks
  1. M male, BCVA best corrected visual acuity, IOP intraocular pressure, CS corticosteroids, AC anterior chamber